Thinking about a long or short term rental in Doncaster? here are a few things to remember to pack in your suitcase. Carry your travel essentials with you no matter what the circumstances. Know that circumstances can be of various kinds. It depends on what time of the year you are traveling, it is about whether you need more warm stuff. Have you just rented a room or the whole house or flat? This will define whether you need to take everyday necessities, or maybe you will find everything on site like in the case of serviced apartments. Whether renting for one day or renting for months will determine how large a suitcases you’ll need. Also, will you be constrained by limits, whether you will come by car, train, bus or maybe you will fly by plane? Despite these variables, there are a few must-haves that will always accompany you.

Cosmetics you need while traveling short term rental in Doncaster

1.Cosmetics you need while traveling short term rental in Doncaster

Taking care of yourself and your hygiene is not only a necessity, but also comfortable and pleasurable.

Bring your favourite cosmetics if they are hard to get. In stores you will find a large selection of cosmetics of various capacities. If you are traveling by plane, remember that your hand luggage must not exceed 100 ml per bottle. Be eco-friendly and use refillable containers.

If you are going to rent for just a few days, use the mini version. In the room, we offer our guests just such a solution. A welcome pack awaits them, where you can find everything you need for a nice start to your stay.

The essentials are a brush, razor plus shaving cream, comb, tissues, your favourite shampoo and soap if you have any. Sometimes you will need sunscreen, handkerchiefs.


2. Medical measures

If you are taking medications, be sure to take them with you. Sometimes you can take something out of the group of painkillers and antipyretics, just in case.

Sometimes it is worth taking eye drops in case of irritation or fatigue, dressing plasters. Newly bought shoes that have just decided to fit your foot during your trip? Or you decided to see the whole area in one day. Such a plaster can be a godsend!

It is worth taking something for motion sickness for the trip if you know that it can affect you.

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3. Clothes you need while traveling short term rental in Doncaster

Get something universal, something for warm and cold weather. Even the optimist enjoys the chance to use the umbrella at the right moment. Hence, take something suitable for bad and good weather. If you know you have more space in your rented room, don’t limit yourself to a few things. Nobody wants to start their stay in a new place with washing. Nevertheless, do not take your entire wardrobe. It will be difficult later to move out of the rented apartment with too many things to pack. Use common sense. However, if there is a lot of them, remember that you can use tricks such as vacuum bags for packaging.

The packing strategy is to take comfortable, practical and light things with you. Preferably those that do not require ironing, thanks to which you will have more time to rest after the trip.

document travel

4. Documents

Documents are one of the most important things. If you are driving a car, take your driving license, if you are going abroad, take your passport with you. You can also take your travel insurance with you. Write down your most important contact phones and photocopies of your most important documents in case of accidental loss.

money during the trip

5. Cash or credit card

Choose the right amount of money for your trip. You can pay for a rented room or apartment by bank transfer, but you will need a change for small expenses during the trip. Do not take too much cash with you if you know that you will have easy access to ATMs and you can easily make payments with a card.

If you are going abroad, check if you need to buy a foreign currency and what fees your bank will charge you for ATM withdrawals.

It is best to keep documents, money and ATM cards in separate places. Having all your cash in one place can be a big loss if it is stolen or lost.

6. Maps, travel guides, guides while traveling short term rental in Doncaster

It is worth getting ready for the place we are going to. We usually prepare a guide for nearby attractions for our guests. You can diversify your trip by doing some research on the Internet or buying a book about a given region.

Some guides will give you information about shops and restaurants in the area. When driving a car, such knowledge can be invaluable. Sometimes internet access is perfectly fine, but first make sure you have access to it.


7. Telephone and camera.

Take something to commemorate your trip. Access to a camera or camcorder can give you the opportunity to share your insights and adventures with your loved ones. Some moments are priceless and worth remembering. Sometimes access to the camera can allow us to provide security, such as a car camera.

The phone will allow you to communicate with the world. It will be helpful in navigating the new area, call for help if necessary or let you know. It will allow you to coordinate your meetings in case someone is waiting for you or is to pick you up from the airport.

entertainment during the trip

8. Portable entertainment set you need while traveling short term rental in Doncaster

Travel often takes hours spent in one place, so make sure you have a good time. Take a book, electronics or a good movie. You can read more about how you can spend your time while traveling in another article.

Also, remember to bring a good mood and a positive attitude with you.