Did you find apartments to rent in Doncaster for a long period, or maybe just for a few days? Remember to bring a souvenir from your trip for yourself, your relatives and friends. It can be a proper gift or a small thing that will remind you of the trip. Choosing souvenirs and gifts can sometimes be a headache. Therefore, we can give you a bit of advice on what you can take with you from our neighbourhood.

dessert from Doncaster

1. Apartments to rent in Doncaster – it is so sweet

When renting an apartment in Doncaster, remember to have a sweet gift for your loved ones. Try chocolates with mint filling or cookies for those with a sweet tooth. You can also reach for eco products from health food stores if you prefer to be more fit. Working in the serviced apartment industry in Doncaster, we know you can find just about anything here.

Have you rented our apartment in Doncaster? Check out our welcome pack. You will get a nice souvenir from us to start with.

teddy bear in apartments to rent in doncaster

2. Small gifts, which is something for collectors of magnets, postcards, bookmarks and plush toys.

You can give someone a taste of an unforgettable Doncaster adventure through sweets. However, if you are thinking of something more permanent, check out the local souvenir shops. Magnets, postcards, and plush toys will remind you of your stay in Doncaster for years. Especially plush toys are a great gift choice for a child. Remember that many of the attractions in the Doncaster and Nottingham area, such as museums and entertainment venues, have gift shops for everyone.

You can also buy an album or a book that will satisfy every taste. You can also choose something for yourself that will allow you to spend pleasant evenings during a business trip. In our rented apartments, we remember about book lovers. We have a comfortable armchair or sofa for you to read books and press.

painting in Doncaster

3. Local Doncaster products 

Try locally produced alcohol or food. Tea with a set of small hand-decorated porcelain cups will also work well. Check out what local artists and artisans have to offer. You can find here everything from ceramics and painting to delicious local preserves. Discover the treasures of the local community as they create masterpieces of culinary, craft and artistic arts. In culture centres, you can also find an event or course yourself, where you can try your own skills at creating something yourself. A self-made gift will not only bring joy to your loved ones, but will also be an unforgettable adventure. Remember that this is also a great opportunity and excuse to get to know the people of Doncaster and the surrounding area.