All what our guests should know about staying at Amber Serviced Apartments during the Coronavirus epidemic.

What if a guest wants to cancel the reservation or change the check-in or check-out dates? Does Amber Serviced Apartments offers a full/ partial refund?

Absolutely yes, we understand how serious the COVID-19 epidemic is and that the circumstances are completely unpredictable. Although this puts our company in a very difficult situation, we allow all our guests to cancel their reservations without any charges. We believe that once the epidemic is over, guests who decided to cancel, will rebook their stay in our apartments in the future.

What does Amber Serviced Apartments do to ensure the safety of its clients? Do you have any extra procedures created?

We always maintain a high standard of cleanliness in our apartments, but we are now taking extra measures in our cleanings and hygiene protocols. We strictly adhere to all health authorities’ guidelines about cleaning and disinfection to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. We update our guidelines regularly. We only do weekly cleaning while guests are not inside of the room.

What does Amber Serviced Apartments do to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus in its accommodation units?

We avoid person-to-person contact both for the safety of our guests and employees and to prevent the virus from spreading.
Most of our apartments have key-less locks with digital code delivered to the guest by email. In those apartments, where traditional keys are used, the keys are collected by our guests from the key boxes.
During the clearing, guests are not allowed inside the apartment. Urgent maintenance tasks (e.g. broken heating) will be handled in the normal way. Other tasks may be delayed or, for example, we will deliver the items only as far as outside the door.

Are there quarantined or infected guests in Amber Serviced Apartments units?

We are not allowed to give any information about the medical condition of our individual guests. We provide also long-term accommodation, so it is likely, as the virus spreads, that some of our guests are or will be quarantined or infected at same point.

What should a guest at Amber Serviced Apartments do if feels she or he has coronavirus symptoms?

Always contact the health center by phone first. Please also immediately inform our team about the suspicion of infection so that we are able to take the necessary steps to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

For all of us, for this special time, we recommend following the general guidelines: avoid staying in public spaces, and wash your hands carefully. This way, we can protect ourselves and also reduce the potential of spreading the virus.