How to find the balance during short term rentals in Nottingham? Feng Shui can be translated as wind and water. It is about capturing subtle qualities in the arrangement of spaces that seem invisible and elusive. The goal is to achieve harmony with the environment and nature, to create an appropriate flow of energy that aims to maintain balance.

In this way, we can thus ensure happiness, health, and overall success in life. Feng shui divides an apartment or house into zones that affect aspects of human life. It proposes to impose a plan on the house that can have a positive or negative effect.

 In feng shui, what matters is Yin and Yang, opposing but at the same time complementary energies. The five elements, namely: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Chi energy (Qi), or life energy, the manifestation of which are the processes and phenomena of nature. Feng shui helps in the subtle flow of Chi energy, which, in Chinese theory, covers the entire universe.What are the basic principles of space arrangement according to feng shui? Does this style intuitively fit with our concept of a well-arranged space?

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1. Cleanliness and aesthetics during short term rentals in Nottingham

If you thought that feng shui is an exotic style from China that differs from your reality, then I have a surprise for you. Just clean up to feel the oriental power in your surroundings.

The first point will be the most consistent with your concept of a well-decorated interior. In a clean and beautiful interior, you will feel good energy, regardless of whether the Feng Shui style appeals to you. Take care not to clutter the room, so that each item has its place. Order is a good style for any interior. After cleaning up the mess, you can immediately feel the difference in energy. Surrounding yourself with aesthetic objects will also make you feel better.

If you don’t have time or if cleaning isn’t your specialty, leave it to specialists like us. You will find a lot of positive energy during short term rentals in Nottingham in our apartments.


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2. Lots of sun during short term rentals in Nottingham

The next point seems as close as the first. Your body needs sunlight to function healthy. Do not forget about it when arranging the interior. In the interiors where you spend the most, you also need the most sunshine.

Introducing an oriental breeze into your life has never been so easy. Give yourself so much sun and it is possible in rooms where you are active. Let the bedroom be a shady place. Renting a room for a short or long term check if there is enough sunshine.

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 3. Use natural materials

Check what is the difference in energy when you are in a natural interior full of plants, wood, natural fabrics and an industrial room, where plastic and synthetic fabrics predominate. If you find elements of nature in the room, then after returning from the crowded city to your apartment, you will feel like you went to the countryside or to the mountains or to the lake. You will be able to rest in such an environment, just like it is during a vacation.

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4. Organisation of space during short term rentals in Nottingham

The other principles of feng shui are also intuitive. For example, throw away everything old and unnecessary. You probably feel inside that it’s worth doing to feel better. Other suggestions include, not keeping damaged items, dried flowers that have a negative effect because they are “dead”, sharp edges that can create an atmosphere of uncertainty and danger, entering the house inviting, spacious with a working bell.

Be careful not to rest and sleep in the same place. Instinctively, you can feel that your body is learning where it is. Our apartments during short term rentals in Nottingham have a living room where you can relax.


The magic of feng shui, after getting acquainted with it, will seem like a very intuitive style of interior design. You can feel now, applying the above principles in your environment, feel like an interior designer in the feng Shui style.