We know what you need when renting apartments in Nottingham and Doncaster for long and short term. We are experienced in renting and understand what is best for our guests. Do you know how important sleep is? Lack of sleep has cognitive, emotional and biological consequences. Every internal organ needs regeneration during sleep, but especially the heart and brain. Without sleep, these organs become less exhausted and we function worse during the day.

Below you will find areas where quality is affected by lack of sleep:

  • Negatively affects your memory and learning
  • Reduces attention and concentration
  • Extends the reaction time
  • Reduces assertiveness,
  • Reduces sense of independence and personal development
  • Weakens the immune system and adversely affects health

Surprised how important is sleep? If so, you are probably wondering what to do to get a quality night’s sleep. We have three tips for you to help us take better care of our guests.

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1. Listen to your biological clock while renting apartments in Nottingham

The human body functions in a circadian rhythm. The sun marks the moment when it is worth getting ready for sleep. We should get up with it. In our modern world, it happens that we forget this and corrupt our sleep. Nature, unlike the modern way of life, has a completely different plan.
Melatonin works in the brain, which, when exposed to light, prepares the body for sleep. Be careful not to expose yourself to the blue light present in cells, laptops and other screens at bedtime, which disrupts melatonin production and reduces the quality of your sleep. If you use electronic devices, use special blue light filters or glasses with a filter coating. In our apartments you will find a living room where you can relax, but there are no distracting screens in the bedroom. It is up to you whether you will use our bedroom in the best way.

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2. We provide a dark sleeping room and a comfortable mattress while renting apartments in Nottingham

Another important thing is a darkened bedroom. We know the importance of curtains or blinds in a room for you to sleep well. In our apartments, we know how to create conditions for relaxation and sleep. Remember to use the bedroom only for sleeping. This will greatly improve the quality of your sleep. Also, avoid long naps during the day however tempting it might be. Find a comfortable mattress with the right firmness for you.

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3. Do not consume caffeine and alcohol before going to bed, do not eat before going to bed while renting apartments in Nottingham

In our apartments you will find an equipped kitchen where you can prepare incredibly tasty coffee. However, be careful not to overexpose yourself to caffeine at bedtime. Likewise, avoid drinking alcohol before bedtime.  Alcohol, like caffeine, it drastically reduces the quality of your sleep. You can drink coffee and drink your favourite glass of wine or beer early in order not to overstimulate your body before going to bed. Likewise, even eating delicious and healthy food will be too much of a burden right before bedtime. Try to eat your last meal about three hours before bedtime to wake up refreshed in the morning.