For years, we have had the pleasure to work for our guests from all over the country and the world. During this time, we have become specialists in how to make our guests’ time pleasant. So we would like to encourage you to take advantage of the top three ways to have a fun rental in Doncaster and Nottingham?

meeting people when you rental in Doncaster

1. Meeting or calling someone you like to be with

A good mood is first and foremost a good company. Don’t sit alone in a rented room. If you feel you need to improve your mood while you are away for work in Nottingham or Doncaster, make sure you are company first. Are you renting recently and don’t know anyone in the new place? Don’t worry, we have a handful of suggestions for spending your time every week. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on local attractions in Doncaster and Nottingham.
If, on the other hand, you have access to a loved one, according to scientific research, you will be able to improve your mood in as much as 30 seconds by hugging! Research proves that a 20-second hug raises the level of oxytocin so much that the mood immediately improves.

park, nature when you rental in Doncaster

2. During your rental in Doncaster or Nottingham be good to yourself and surround yourself with good.

When dark clouds gather, do you feel tired, sad, afraid of a new professional or personal challenge, have problems with your relationship. Have you been renting an apartment for a long time and you simply miss it?
Be good to yourself. Be with yourself for 5 minutes. In such a way as to do nothing: empty your mind of bad thoughts, imagine a pleasant scene, feel your breath from your diaphragm; close your eyes and lie still, concentrate on what you feel in your body and breathe into it.

You can actively step out of your rental apartment and explore Nottingham. This way you will surround yourself with people and you will feel how the city is teeming with life. Nottingham offers a range of attractions that cannot be overestimated, including parks, shopping centres, entertainment and sports.

Remember about the interior design. Our apartments are designed to make you feel at home. From here, put in front of you photos of your loved ones and your favourite souvenirs to make you feel at home.


3. Actively change your mood when you have a rental in Doncaster or Nottingham

You can consciously redirect your attention – an effective way to improve your mood. If you are tired of troubling thoughts, take your attention away from them. Watch a comedy, read an addictive book, ride a bike focusing on what you see in front of you.

You can also meditate. If you do it regularly, your mind will stop reacting rapidly to stressful situations and teach you how to improve your mood even when faced with difficult situations. Meditation is like carrying heavy loads. After such training for the mind, you strengthen your body and make things easier for you. Stress is your biggest burden in everyday life. Therefore, after meditation, it is easier for you to “lift”. Check it out for yourself and, at least for five minutes, keep calm and concentrate on your breathing. Remember to focus on your breath and let your thoughts flow as if they were clouds in the sky, without becoming attached to them and identifying with them.