We know how important it is to find the right accommodation for a vacation with a child. With your family and children in mind, in this article you will find out what to look for before renting a room for long or short term in Doncaster and Nottingham. Please check your checklist for the following.

a child in travel

1. Before you rent for short term in Doncaster or Nottingham Check if your serviced apartment is child-friendly.

Travelling with a child can be a big organisational challenge. You have to take care of taking everything you offspring may need. Children often have very individual needs and their own preferences. Depending on their age, you need to remember to bring their favourite toys, special nutrients and care items. Often these are items so specialised that it is not easy to buy them at your local store. It happens that traveling with equipment for our toddler is impossible. Especially when we travel by plane or other transport that limits our luggage.
Many of the rental apartments are child-friendly and help provide exactly what you need. Hence, ask if the equipment includes a feeding chair and other necessary baby care items. Ask what’s on offer for the youngest.

short term in Doncaster

2. Check if the new place is safe for your child and guardians.

Child-friendly serviced apartments will also be safer than a hotel. Such apartments are more like a home away from home. Children also tend to acclimatise faster in these conditions. When renting an apartment, you can often have a garden where your children can play. There is less chance that your child will get lost in the new environment. Access to the kitchen and cooking equipment will allow you to cook your child’s favourite dish or prepare a feeding bottle.

Serviced apartments are also safer during the Covid-19 pandemic. Your baby will be exposed to less people, which decreases the potential risk of contamination. Serviced apartments guarantee greater hygiene during your stay. As the only user of the rented apartment, you have the guarantee that other people will not have access to the common areas. In hotels, you will usually have access to a communal buffet, reception and other common areas. In a serviced apartment once the room has been disinfected, you’ll be right at home.

family in the park

3. Short term in Doncaster or Nottingham – Check if the area where you will be renting your apartment is child-friendly.

Our apartments are located in green surroundings. Check if the place you will be renting is close to a park or entertainment centres. Sometimes it is even worth taking a look in the area for a clinic, in case your child suddenly gets a fever or a rash.

You can count on a tranquil neighbourhood when staying at a serviced apartment in Doncaster or Nottingham. Located close to the center, but at the same time it will not be full of hustle and bustle and traffic.
Walks in the park and playgrounds will be a great attraction in the new place. We usually leave a guide to local attractions for our guests.

In our neighbourhood you will find Boston Park Farm. It is a traditional farm where children can get to know the animals of the farm. The animals can be fed and petted. The farm is dedicated to children around 10 years old. The farm has lots of play areas for children, such as the corn maze. There you will also find a soft playing surface that is suitable for babies and toddlers. The attractions located there are enough for sightseeing hours after which you can eat hot and cold meals in the cafe. You can buy ice cream for dessert for children and their parents.

If you have any questions about rentals short term in Doncaster or Nottingham, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 01217 900.  We will be more than happy to help you.