Before you rent one of our serviced apartments in Nottingham, how do you prepare for a business trip? A business trip is often stressful for many contractors. You need to leave your relatives and friends for a while for the sake of a professional career and company. How to do it in order to be fully professional, minimise stress and at the same time get the maximum benefit from the situation.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make your journey a success from start to finish.

when you travel to serviced apartments in Nottingham

1. Take care of the convenience when you travel to serviced apartments in Nottingham

Pack your luggage well. You can find more about how to pack in another post of ours. Adjust your luggage to your needs and the place you are going to. Take care of comfortable clothes when traveling and pack the necessary things in hand luggage that you will use during the trip. Keep your telephone and electronics on hand for safe transportation and contact us or the hotel if necessary. Make your suitcases comfortable for moving around. If you are taking an airplane, check that the suitcases are within the permissible weight and dimensions. You can get more information from the airlines on their website or on your airline ticket.

You will have more freedom when traveling by car.

Also, pack formal clothes for the trip. Even if you are not working in formal attire, there may be times when it turns out to be indispensable for some important occasion. Remember, on a business trip, you are the face of your company or your business.

With us you will feel at home away from home, therefore in our serviced apartments in Nottingham you will always find full equipment, including an iron. If you use the hotel, make sure it is available.


2. Organise yourself well when you rent a serviced apartments in Nottingham

Be sure to make two lists before you leave. One personal, the other one business. The latter should not be complete without the documents and materials that should be taken. Remember about the necessary electronic equipment and tools needed for the job. Bring your work phone with a charger, power bank, entry badges or business cards if you need any. Be sure to pack your tickets, booking confirmations, if you do not have them in electronic form, and the address of the serviced apartments you are using. If you come to us, you will receive your reservation and address by e-mail. You can also count on our help in case you need instructions on how to get to the rented apartment.

Have a complete itinerary with you, where you can see the departure and arrival times more accurately, with detailed addresses and contact numbers.


3. Check if you have checked everything on the professional checklist

A business trip is related to work and is used to perform a specific task or achieve a goal. Hence, before the trip, make a list containing information about the places and times of planned meetings.

Do not forget to put a separate folder with the documents or materials that you want to present at the meeting. Regardless of how you transport them, it is worth having an additional copy, in print or on a portable memory stick or other device.

Consider getting a business card holder that will allow you to keep new contacts and pass on your own.

Check that you have clearly defined goals for the trip and that you are implementing the plan, assigned tasks thanks to preparations. Nevertheless, remember to take your well-being and openness to people and places on a business trip. A business trip to serviced apartments in Nottingham can therefore become an unforgettable adventure.